Sail panel options:

(all kits ship with the Standard sail unless otherwise noted)

The Mark9 is here at last!  Like its predecessors, the Mark9 walks the line between looks and performance!  The current crop of full scale modifieds touring with the USMTS and USRA along with more lax guidelines are the inspiration for the major design changes on the Mark9.

One of the most unique features of the Mark9 is the fact that the body comes with a few degrees of "skew" built in.  If you look at the picture to the right you can see that all the panels angle toward the right rear of the body.  This helps create an incredible amount of side force which allows the racer to attack the corners.  When mounting the body, all you need to do is make sure the spacing from the front tire to the leading edge of the door is equal on the right side and left side.  The design of the body takes care of the "skew" for you.

Also included in the Mark9 body kit are THREE spoilers of different heights which will help better tune the body to any particular track grip level.

Short Course Modified Body kit

​Custom sail panel options are available upon request for an additional fee.

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Starting with the nose area, the Mark9 now has a redesigned tube bumper.  The bumper sits nice and close to the nose sides to make for a cleaner look while also reducing the chances of the bumper hooking onto another car in a wreck.

The center deck of the main body section is dropped along the leading edge.  The deck has also been widened to increase surface area and allow for better clearance of different offset wheels or hexes.  This creates a significant about of high speed stability and is a perfect match for the increased downforce on the nose.

Sx3 Mark9

The nose has been widened and lengthened to maximize the surface area to gain steering on higher grip tracks.

The Mark9 body kit INCLUDES 2 nose panels.  One to be used when running the tube bumper setup and another to use if you decide you want to run without the tube bumper.

The roof has been widened and lengthened as well to create more overall downforce.

General Mark9 information:

All kits include stainless steel 4-40 hardware

All body panels except the sails are fabricated from .030 polycarbonate

Sail panels are fabricated from .020 polycarbonate

The body kit will include only ONE sail panel option.


Body kit with mounts, posts, and front bumper $100+shipping

Body kit with front bumper $85+shipping