The MWM'20 Buggy Modified Body Kit

The MWM'20 takes the race proven MWM'19 design and kicks it up a notch!  The MWM'20 has been reimagined from the side skirts up.  Every panel of the body has been massaged and bent to create the needed downforce and side force necessary for today's high powered motors and high grip tracks.  Included in the MWM'20 body kit are 2 nose panels that allow you to run the front tube bumper for maximum protection or without the front tube bumper for maximum performance.  Two different height spoilers come with the kit as well to help dial in the desired amount of rear aero grip. The MWM'20 meets the DODC and RC Chili Bowl guidelines for buggy tire Midwest Mod racing.  


Sippel Speed Shop

General MWM'20 information:

All kits include stainless steel 4-40 hardware

All body panels except the sails and doors are fabricated from .030 polycarbonate

Sail and door panels are fabricated from .020 polycarbonate


Body kit with mounts, posts, and front bumper $70+shipping