Sippel Speed Shop

I designed my first Short Course Modified body a few years ago.  I was looking for something with a more realistic look than what was available at the time.  The first generation body, nicknamed the ICBM, got the ball rolling and taught me a lot about working with lexan.  The second generation body, simply named the Gen2, was where my vision really started to take shape.  Many new features were introduced with the Gen2.  The bumper plate and tube bumper being the most notable.  The third generation body, dubbed the Sx3.3, continued to improve on the quality that the Gen2 was known for.  The 4th and 5th generation bodies, named Mark4 and Mark5 respectively, saw aesthetic enhancements that proved to be very popular.  The Mark6 is honestly the first time that changes were made to the design to aid performance rather than just looks.  I hope you enjoy racing these as much as I enjoy building them!  It seems like I have to add a little bit to this paragraph every year.  The current versions of the sc mod and midwest mod bodies, the Mark9 and MWM20, are some of my most radical aerodynamic designs.  The need for maximum stability and performance has increased just as the speeds of these 2 classes have increased.

Thank you,

Adam Sippel